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Photo by Massdistraction 

About Us

Why a bike shop?
Derby Star Pro Shop and The Bicycle Escape are owned and operated by a husband and wife team. Tom rides bikes, Danielle (Babyface Bandit) plays derby.

When Danielle was entering the sport she was frustrated with the absence of brick-and-mortar derby outlets. There is a sea of online derby drop-shippers but VERY few opportunities for touching, trying, and talking derby. It was from this frustration that Derby Star was born. The technical background from selling bicycle and skateboards combined with the new passion for roller derby made the fit better than peanut butter and chocolate.

Our team grew in the spring of 2015 with the addition of Krissy (Slambellina) as our resident derby guru. Slam has been playing derby since 2008, and has been lucky enough to skate as a member of a whole mess of leagues including the Chemical Valley Roller Girls, Mason-Dixon Roller Vixens, Charm City Roller Girls, Black Rose Rollers, and Key City Roller Derby. She's been around long enough to know which stuff stands the test of time and is passionate about finding new cool gear to play around with. She's here 5 days a week to derby-talk your ear off!

You WILL Find at Derby Star Pro Shop:
DSPS is dedicated to stocking all the hardware, protective gear, and maintenance products you will need to succeed in the sport. In addition to products, we have knowledgeable staff that can work with you to ensure you the right products.

You WILL NOT find:
Uber cheap products that fall apart in mere months and that are hard to maintain. You won't find short shorts, body glitter, or tights. No attitudes or hidden agendas, just good quality derby fare and down to earth service.
With the recent increase in participation of roller derby, the sport is at something of a crossroads. The sport can grow at a rapid pace, charging ahead with little conscience for the health of the sport; or a solid foundation can be created/established to root roller derby into our culture for decades to come.

DSPS believes a component to the success of the sport is local derby shops that can serve the community as meeting spots, education centers, and act as permanent and visible community members. We are pleased and proud to be bringing roller derby and roller skates to Frederick, MD!