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derby nutrition frederick

Any athlete who is trying to push themselves need the proper fuel for the task.  The staff at Derby Star have over 15 years experience with sports nutrition. From vegan to carnivore, we can help you get the right fuel to keep you ahead of the pack.

Logo ClifBar The Clif Bar company was born in 1992, out of a desire for performance energy products that were tasty and effective. Shot Bloks are are 33-calorie cubes of energy gel containing carbohydrates and electrolytes (some flavors also contain caffeine or sodium) to help you power through practices or bouts.
Hammer Nut Logo Hammer Nutrition has almost 30 years of experience making performance supplements for endurance athletes. We carry everything from energy gel shots to protein powder, with plenty of portable options for your gear bag.
skratch logo black Skratch Labs’ signature hydration drink mixes were developed by Allen Lim, a sports scientist and coach of a professional cycling team. Their mixes are free of artificial sweeteners, flavors, and colors, and are lower in sugar than most other sports drinks to keep you performing at your peak without the stomach aches that come along with other products. 
Honey-Stinger-Logo Honey Stinger waffles are one of the most delicious ways to get a quick burst of energy. They’re USDA certified organic and made with natural ingredients, and come in a bunch of tasty flavors. These are a favorite pre-bout or practice snack that will fuel you up and make your taste buds oh-so-happy.