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Protective Gear

One should never underestimate the importance of good quality, properly fitting protective gear. Face it: this gear can save your butt, literally. The cheap pads fall apart in months, and end up costing you more in the long run. We trust, represent, and stand behind 187, S-One, Deadbolt, Smith Scabs, and Atom to look out for our joints. We also love Nutcase, S-One, ProTec and 888 helmets to keep our brains from getting rattled (we don't like feeling drunk without getting inebriated first!). So, bucking up for the good stuff now will keep cash in your bank to spend on other things, like that new skate bag you've had your eye on.

Nutcase Helmets frederick MD Maryland

Mind your melon! Helmets are one of the most important pieces of safety equipment a skater can own (if you value your brain, that is). Many skaters choose a non-certified skate style helmet, which often don't provide adequate protection to prevent head injuries (which is a growing concern in derby). The popularity of CPSC or ASTM-certified multi-impact helmets is growing rapidly as many skaters recognize the value of added noggin protection. We carry multi-impact helmets in a variety of brands, sizes, and colors to protect your precious gray matter!

You'll find yourself doing a lot of knee-falls in derby, so you'll need a quality set of knee pads to cushion your fall! Knee injuries are common in derby, so we want to make sure you choose a pad that offers you the protection you need without compromising your skating ability. There are lots of cheap starter skateboard pad options out there, but we don't stock them. On our shelves you'll find 187, Deadbolt, Smith Scabs, and S-One knee pads, all of which we trust to provide the level of protection that derby demands. We also carry a number of different styles of elbow pads and wrist guards, to make sure you get the right fit. Check out our article on choosing pads for more info!


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