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Riedell Skates Frederick
If the boot probably got it at Derby Star. Picking your perfect boot is the first step to skating success, whether you prefer the cutting-edge high-top style of Antiks, lightweight carbon of Chayas, or the classic time-tested design of Riedells. We work with only the best brands to ensure your perfect fit, and we have complete access to their custom design labs, so your skates will be as funky as you are!


Antik skates Frederick MD Maryland Antik boots were designed from the ground up to meet the rigors of roller derby. Famed skater Mo "Quadzilla" Sanders has developed a line of boots that offer athletes both ankle stability and mobility. There are 2 models and 30+ custom color and material options to choose from, so your handmade Antik boots will be truly unique. Antik brings over 30 years of rhythm, derby, jam, speed, and freestyle skating experience to the table to provide the highest quality skating experience for derby or fun.
Riedell Skates Frederick MD Maryland Riedell was founded in 1947 by Paul Riedell, a member of both the ice and roller skating Hall of Fame, with the goal to produce skate boots of unmatched performance and quality. Throughout the years, Riedell skates have stood the test of time by constantly innovating and updating their products with the latest comfort and performance technology. Their vast product line ensures that every skater is sure to find a boot or skate to fit their foot, style, and budget.
Chaya Skates Frederick MD Maryland Chaya is one of the newest contenders on the skate market, and they are a force to be reckoned with. They are a derby brand that was years in the making. Their skate boots are incredibly lightweight carbon and are 100% heat moldable. Chaya has made it a point to be a pioneer for never-before-seen skate technology, such as their patented Dual Center Mount, which allows the boot to be mounted to their plates with just two screws and no drilling. Very exciting things have come from Chaya so far, and we're happy to be a part of it.
motalogo Mota Skates is the brain child of Julie and Doug Glass, world champion speed skaters and longtime roller product developers. Mota boots are high-quality and ultra lightweight thanks to their carbon or fiberglass soles. Fully heat moldable and fully customizable, Mota brings style and performance together beautifully.
jacksonlogo  Jackson has been making figure skates since 1966, and in the past decade they've partnered with roller industry leaders at Atom Skates to develop their first line of quad skate boots! Jackson boots are a fantastic value without sacrificing quality, with some of the most reasonably priced leather stitched-sole, heat-moldable boots on the market.