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roller skate shop frederick md maryland

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Skate plate mounting Frederick MD Maryland

At Derby Star Pro Shop, we have relationships with all the major plate manufacturers. No matter which plate you select, we will ensure that your plates are mounted sure and true. Short/forward mounting, mounting to carbon fiber boots, custom bushings, and even custom paint jobs - you name it, we've got ya covered!

Sure Grip Skate Plates Frederick MD Maryland Sure-Grip International have been making roller skate plates and components since the late 1940's, including our best-selling Avenger DA-45 Magnesium. The DA-45 design (stands for "double action/45 degree angled") is popular for derby, as it is lightweight and highly agile, perfect for sharp turns and quick stops.
powerdyne skate plates Frederick MD Maryland Powerdyne plates (manufactured by Riedell, one of the most trusted skate companies around) have been a proven and trusted choice of derby and speed skaters throughout the years. While most Powerdyne plates utilize the sure-footedness of a traditional kingpin design, Powerdyne's collaboration with Grn Mnstr Roller Sports (makers of Antik skate boots) on their Arius plates provides one of the most innovative plate designs in over 30 years.
Chaya skate plates frederick md maryland Chaya continues to blow our minds with their innovative products, plates included. All Chaya boots and plates are compatible via their Dual Center Mount technology (although they can be mounted traditionally to other boots!), which integrates the mounting holes into the boots during production and allows the plates to be installed by hand with just two screws and then adjusted as the skater sees fit. All of their plates are available in either 45 or 20 degree kingpins, and some even feature quick-release clip axles.
pilotlogo Pilot Plates are brought to you by the fine folks at Atom Skates. Their lineup includes nylon options as well as their top-of-the-line aluminum Falcon and Falcon Plus plates, all utilizing 16-degree kingpins. Pilot's interchangeable components make it easy to upgrade your plates bit by bit, and they've recently introduced colored base plates too!
motalogo If you like colors and customization, get ready to drool over Mota's Boss plates. Utilizing the same 16-degree design originally conceived by Julie and Doug Glass during their time at Atom, the Boss plate and trucks are available in over 20 different colors and with a clip-axle or standard threaded option for completely unique plates that look as good as they perform.