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Buying skate wheels can be one of the most overwhelming parts of your derby shopping experience. There are a myriad of options when it comes to durometer (hardness/softness), diameter, width and core options. Luckily for you, we stock all the major brands at Derby Star, and we’d LOVE to help you find the best match for your skating surface and style. From indoor to outdoor, we have all the hot urethane you need!


Founded by skaters for skaters, Atom Wheels are the officials wheels of the WFTDA and Team USA roller derby. Atom were the first wheel company to develop the hollow core, and they continue to evolve and develop their products to include some of the most advanced technology the derby world has seen.

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Another quality derby product from the fine folks at Grn Mnster Roller Sports, makers of Antik Skates! Heartless and Reckless wheels were designed specifically for the sport of roller derby. The Heartless line was one of the first brands to introduce the “skinny” wheel design, to minimize wheel clippage in the pack. The Reckless line has a wide range of durometer and width options to suit any skater’s needs for maximum performance. 


Radar Wheels are backed by Riedell, so you know they're gonna be good. They have a full line of wheels in every style, size, and durometer, and you really can't go wrong with any of their products.

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Sure-Grip began manufacturing skate wheels in 1936, known as the first company to develop a rubber-inlaid wheel as opposed to the usual wooden wheels, which gave the skater a “sure-grip”! They have been churning out quality skate wheels and components ever since, and they’ve even developed their own line of derby-specific wheels. Their years of expertise combined with their extensive options offer a solid choice for any skater.


 Faster Skates was founded by derby legend Sarah Hipel and have proven to turn conventional ideas about skate wheels upside down. Faster is currently the only company to offer multi-component wheels with a removable aluminum hub, so that the urethane tires can be replaced when they wear out. Not only that, but all their wheels also feature dual-durometers, meaning there are two different hardnesses to the wheel to give you maximum agility and to help you go..well, faster.


Juice Wheels are designed for all levels of derby, from beginner to advanced. These wheels are thoughtfully designed with features such as "dual density" cores and different urethane formulas on different hubs. Their Java wheels are a favorite of our Juice Shop Sponsored Skater, GG Hardy from the Charm City Roller Girls!