Wheel Library

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roller skate wheel rental library frederick md marylandHad your eye on a shiny new set of wheels, but don't want to pull the trigger without knowing if they'll work out for you? Or maybe you have a bout coming up on a different surface than you normally skate on, and don't necessarily want to buy a whole new set of wheels to use for one game. We've got you covered with our Derby Star Wheel Library. Now you can borrow a set of wheels to try before you buy, so you're not stuck reselling wheels that don't work for you.

Wheels are rented on a weekly basis, and if you decide to purchase new wheels from us then the rental fee (up to 2 weeks' worth) will be applied towards your purchase! Offerings from Atom and Radar available NOW, Faster and Reckless options coming soon!

Wheels currently available for rental:
Atom Boom (Firm) - $10/week
Atom Boom (X-Firm) - $10/week
Atom Boom (XX-Firm) - $10/week
Atom Poisons (84a) - $10/week
Radar Halos (95a) - $10/week
Radar Halos (97a) - $10/week
Mota Toxic Grip (88a) - $10/week
Mota Toxic Roll (93a) - $10/week